What if you could build a flourishing Author Brand with your book  -- without a PR team or spending HOURS online?

Don’t leave your book positioning and sales on auto pilot!

Take the REAL steps you need to reach your goals by leveraging your book.

Listen!  You did NOT write your book (or books) for them to be the best kept secret on the internet!

You put in the blood, sweat, and tears to write AND publish your book, but it is not having the impact that you dreamed of.


That was NOT at all your goal.


You’ve done all the things:

  • Created social media accounts on ALL the platforms
  • Giving your book away
  • Joined communities of people writing books

BUT, you are not getting the traction you need to get your book and message noticed.

The bad news is, you thought that if you just got the book done and published, the readers would flock to you.  But it’s hard for you to connect with readers, sell more books, and impact more lives with your work with so much noise on the internet.

Here’s the good news: There is an easier way to market and profit with your book.  And it doesn’t take long.

Build Your Profitable Author Brand 

Don’t leave your book positioning and sales on auto pilot!

Take the REAL steps you need to reach your goals by leveraging your book.

Market and Profit from your Book with Confidence

Authors are spending too much time and money on the WRONG marketing and promotion strategies that never end up maximizing their profits.


AMP is here to make sure that you not only learn how but EXECUTE the steps to profitably position your books and selling more of them!


Take action to implement steps using:

  • The '$254,000 profit per book formula'
  • Active and Passive Marketing Methods
  • Active and Passive Sales Approaches
  • The Development of Sellable Expansion Products and Services
  • Keynote Speaking to sell more books ​

Just these few methods can be the difference between writing books that no one ever sees, and your book selling globally and launching a movement.

AMP is the key to AMPlifying the visibility and sales of your book.

Expect to Impact More Lives With Your Book AND Build a Profitable Author Brand

Remember - Revenue is a way to directly calculate how many lives your book has impacted. If the number is $0, is that acceptable? 

What Is Included in Your AMP Monthly Membership?

Pre-recorded content + monthly LIVE training and a Private Community for support.

Content Strategy

Maximize your books' details so that influencers and readers can actually find your book, connect with you, and become long term clients and customers.

Platform Development

Creating a formula that builds an author platform that is clear and concise is your key to selling your already published book and any books or products you develop in the future.

An Author Profit Plan

Creating profit goals for your book and author brand creates a strong foundation for your marketing and sales strategy.


Private Author Community

Culticate valuable relationships with other authors, get support and feedback in a safe community focused on accountability, execution, and support.

Access to Expert Resource Lists

From podcasts lists to help you plan your book tours, to cheat sheets on securing features and interviews (even if you book is in pre-order).

Access to Training Resource Vault

Get training on all things book promotions and sales write at your fingertips.  Don't consume all 50 + hours of training, but search/ consume/ and execute as needed.

Your Investment



No contract, cancel anytime - But you won't want to!



Enroll to pay annually and save!

Invest in Your Author Brand TODAY!

AMP is right for you if:


  • You have ALREADY published your book and want to leverage it more affectively
  • You’ve never seen the success you want from publishing your book
  • You aren’t achieving the financial and professional results you know your book and message are capable of
  • You want to tap into financial freedom for your self and your loved ones
  • You want to join a supportive community of like-minded authors wanting to impact more people with their books


If you have not written or published your book and are looking for support through that process, this isn’t the program for you.  

AND if you don’t believe that a book… your book can generate substantial income and be the foundation for a strong viable Author Brand, this is not for you.


But, if you’re looking to change the way you market and profit with you’re book, we need to talk!

Don't Take My Word For It

Here's what people are saying about just SOME of the tools and resources inside AMP.

If you have a book that needs to be marketed adequately, the intensive and accelerator week got me on a path to up-leveling my book promotions because I had let them sit, not realizing I could be and should be tapping into them. I personally keep a list of programs that provide so much value and results that I need to invest in and this is in my top for sure! Tar’kesa lit a fire in me that pushed me to “get it done”. Thank you for the clarity and accountability!

Valerie Boyce, MHR

Author, Corporate Exit Strategist

& Podcast Host

If your books are sitting on the shelf or in a pdf file collecting dust and you have no idea how to reach the masses with them, then this Intensive is for you. And if you think you are just going to consume more information you are mistaken, get ready to put what you’ve learned into action during the Accelerator week. PeriodT!

Leticia A. Mathis, M.P.A

Author, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of
The ImpactHER Society, LLC and ImpactHER Global Ministries, Inc.

Results Clients Have Had from Leveraging Their Books: 

  • Became a Featured authors at the NAACP National Convention
  • TEDx Talks
  • Secured 5 Figure Consulting Contracts
  • Garnered the attention of daytime television producers
  • Featured in well-known magazines like Cosmo

**Enroll Now to get your instant access to all trainings! 


Here's How It Works

  • Monthly Live Action & Execution Sessions focused on providing the EXACT tools you need to execute your strategy and get results. 
  • Monthly Live Group Q&A Hotseat Calls


  • Access to the private AMP community - for added support and accountability to achieve your goals. ($1,497 value)
  • Immediate Access to a Library of OVER 40+ hands on, step by step trainings that covers Publishing, Positioning, Promotion, and Profiting ($7,400 value)
  • Access to my trusted list of resources for editing, formatting, book cover & graphic designs and more ($3,467 value)



TOTAL VALUE: $16,363




$2988 $1998 IN FULL (SAVE $990)

Your Investment



No contract, cancel anytime - But you won't want to!



Enroll to pay annually and save!

Meet Tar'kesa Colvin

Your Master Author Brand Builder & Marketing Strategist


Tar’kesa Colvin, MBA, has spent several years mentoring and coaching business owners and visionaries in various corporate settings and industries.  She has worked in Healthcare Management during her career, completed a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, and a Masters of Business Administration in operations management. 

Tar’kesa’s achievements include:

  • Writing and publishing 19 + books of her own in just 6 years
  • Award-Winning Publishing Consultant
  • Bestselling Author
  • Former TV Show
  • Contributor to The Huffington Post
  • Contributor to Thrive Global
  • Contributor to Addicted 2 Success
  • Helped over 90 authors successfully write their books
  • Mentoring authors through becoming featured authors at the NAACP National Convention, featured experts on NBC, having TEDx talks, and securing features in well-known magazines like Cosmo

In addition to working on a PhD in Organizational Leadership and Management, she was recently

👋2021 Clubhouse Creator First Finalist 🎉 | 🎙️POETRY IN MOTION TV Show Producer
👑 Founder of iNOW Publishing™ THE premier publishing company turning authors into influencers and killing the myth of the struggling author.
🎞️Founder of Influence NOW Media™ and iNOW Productions™ - for TV & Film projects

And today she is sharing her 20 + years of publishing and marketing with authors who struggle with marketing.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: When does AMP start?

    A: AMPlify Marketing & Profits Membership officially opens Thursday July 1st, 2021 - and registration is currently open.

  • Q: How long does AMP run?

    A: As long as you find the content and membership access valuable as a paying member you will have access.

  • Q: Can I launch my book during AMP?

    A: A book had multiple launches, so - yes!  You can use the tools and access to AMP to execute several launches for your book and future books.

  • Q: Is my investment Refundable?

    A: No. There is no contract, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

  • Q: What if I have additional questions?

    A: Feel free to submit a support ticket to courses@tcolvinconsulting.com

Are you ready to build the Author Brand and Book Profits that you dreamed of?




Stop waiting for your book to go viral, and invest in the proven strategies AND execution you need to get results today!


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